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OAC Exhibition Assistance Grants


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The Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery  is a Zone 1 Exhibition Assistance recommender for the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Exhibition Assistance Program. Please check back  for the next series of deadlines.

Please go to http://www.arts.on.ca/Page122.aspx to access guidelines, application forms and eligibility.


Application Deadlines:

Each recommending gallery sets their own deadlines for application. Please note: As this program is designed to assist artists with the preparation to exhibit their work, the exhibition for which you are applying must open after the application deadline. JNAAG deadlines for submission are:

NOTE: We do not accept applications between March and May.

Assessment Criteria

The OAC sets priorities and criteria for assessing applications. Below are three of the criteria identified by the OAC and additional information as to how JNAAG considers those criteria when assessing an application.

NOTE: The OAC has additional criteria & priorities than those listed below which can be found on their website. http://www.arts.on.ca/Page122.aspx These are guidelines only and JNAAG reserves the right to make exceptions where warranted. When considering applications JNAAG considers the following:

  1. Importance of body of work and the exhibition in the artists career
    a. JNAAG looks to the artists statement to measure this, in addition to the work submitted and the resume

  2.  Artistic Merit
    a. JNAAG looks to the artist statement as well as the creativity and innovation of the work in relation to:
    i. The artists own development
    ii. Peers within zone 1
    iii. Peers within the province

  3.  Accessibility
    a. Cost - JNAAG has set a maximum public entrance fee of $15 to the exhibition for which the grant is applying.
    b. Duration - JNAAG has set a minimum 30 day duration for an exhibition. 

NOTE: The nature of performance art and some technology based installations would not typically last for 30 days and are exempt from this requirement.

For more information about OAC Exhibition Assistance Grants contact Lisa Daniels at lisa.daniels@county-lambton.on.ca