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Visual Art Research Room


An image of three art magazines on a black shelf in the research library.

The Visual Art Research Room provides an opportunity for the public to research and engage with a wide-range of artistic writings and cultural material. Employees of the Corporation of the County of Lambton, from across all divisions and levels of employment, along with County Councillors contributed to this family campaign enabling us to reach our $100,000 family campaign target successfully.

The facility holds a broad range of reference materials including monographs of artists, general interest art books, and series of periodicals that the gallery has maintained subscriptions for, some over the course of decades. Researchers will also have access to exhibition catalogues from approximately 65 Canadian cultural institutions, which are the result of an informal, national catalogue exchange. This will be the first time that these materials will be made truly accessible to the public. The library will also hold a number of artist files, featuring newspaper and magazine clippings and other materials related directly to works in our Permanent Collection.

The Visual Art Research Room will be available for basic reference in 2014 by appointment only. If you would like more information about the facility contact Darryn Doull at [email protected]  or (519) 336-8127 ext. 3220.