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Adult Class

Adult Art Workshops

Immerse yourself in the creative process and learn a few new tricks along the way! Our Adult art workshops allows participants to work directly with practicing artists and experienced instructors through supportive studio-based classes.

Programs are suited for all levels of experience including beginner, and materials for each session will be provided.

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An artist talk takes place in the gallerys lecture theatre. Featured is the artist at the podium and the front row of the audience.

 Art & Ideas


The Art & Ideas Lecture Series, provides an opportunity to get inside the mind of visiting artists and guest curators, and open connections to art and culture that you never thought possible! Presentations explore exhibitions, new ideas and concepts, or individual works of art in an up close and personal setting. Professionals from across the country, and in some cases across the world, share their experience with our community.

Art & Ideas events include the Canadian Art History Lecture Series, Artist and Curator Talks, and the Dorkbot Lecture Series. They often occur on Thursday nights, starting at 7:00pm.

Check out the Calendar of Events for upcoming Art & Ideas presentations. .

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dorkbot Sarnia is a supportive, informal peer development network for people looking to do interesting things with electricity. For all ages and levels of experience the program features thematic presentations and performances by artists and inventors, as well as open studio sessions for hands-on experience.

The program will be a two-month cycle. On the first month, a featured guest will give a presentation on their use of electricity. Sometimes guests will be local enthusiasts, while other times it will be visiting artists and inventors from across the country. The presentation will set a theme. The second month will be an open studio with a variety of tools and supplies provided to explore the ideas that were introduced in the presentation.

Stay tuned for upcoming dorkbot sarnia events in 2015.