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Engage with Art

An artist giving a talk in the gallery's lecture theatre. One of his works sits next to the podium. A large colourful, abstract work.


Talk & Tea

Led by enthusiastic members of our volunteer team, the Talk & Tea program will provide an opportunity for a mid-afternoon break from our busy days. Join us for stimulating conversation about art, artists, and exhibitions while meeting others with similar interests. The volunteer facilitating the event opens the door to a world of invigorating conversations over a revitalising cup of tea. Look for this program launching soon.

Film Series

The Film Series takes place in our purpose built multimedia theatre and will feature films from around the world. The presentation films will focus on individual artists, exhibitions, or art movements, as well as occasionally becoming the art in its own right! Level-up your cultural savvy with our Film Series.

CLICK HERE>> to find out more about upcoming film screenings at the JNAAG!

Art Mingler

Enjoy a fun, dynamic way to socialize with your peers and meet those with similar interests in our Art Mingler events! Experience art in a new way, enjoy great conversation and company, amongst some masterpieces of Canadian art.  Come mingle with us - Stay tuned for more information!!

Courses & Workshops

There will be a variety of courses and workshops offered at the Art Gallery. These will often be directly tied to the ideas and approaches seen in the current exhibitions, as well as auxiliary special interest workshops! Working with some of the most creative contemporary Canadian artists and wonderfully unique local artists, these workshops offer a chance to develop your own art skills in a range of mediums. 

CLICK HERE>>  to learn about upcoming courses and workshops for adults >>

Professional Development for Practicing Artists

We will be offering an ongoing program of professional development for our regional practicing artists. Featuring topics like developing a portfolio, preparing for and completing a grant application, and proper photography techniques to document your artwork, this program will prove an invaluable resource for up-and-coming artists in the area.

CLICK HERE>> to learn about upcoming Professional Development opportunities.

Open Critique Night

Alongside our Professional Development Program, we will be facilitating an Open Critique Night for practicing artists of all mediums and skill levels. This regularly scheduled event will provide a network of support and critical development opportunities within which our local artists can continue to excel and push their work to the next level.


If you would like more information about our Engage with Art programs, contact Ann Helps at 519-336-8127 ext. 3226 or [email protected].