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Making Methods



Making Methods: Becky Ip, Sam Mogelonsky and Mark Stebbins
Linda Jansma and Darryn Doull

In an era when rapid digital and non-physical experiences are commonplace, three emerging Canadian artists demonstrate a deliberate engagement with labour as a means of production. Video- artist Becky Ip creates graphite drawings which are then translated to paintings on mylar and recorded to experimental film. Referencing computer games or data, painter Mark Stebbins meticulously manipulates material allowing us to draw comparison to textiles such as knitting and embroidery. Samantha Mogelonsky’s sculptures are made with disarmingly excessive method, then re-presented in a series of photographs of their interiors to hallucinogenic effect. This modernization of craft-based processes indicates an increased focus on hand-rendered art.

This 72- page catalogue, features stunning colour photography and essays by curators Linda Jansma (Robert McLaughlin Gallery) and Darryn Doull (Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery). The catalogue is available for purchase from the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery for $25.00  as well as through ABC Art Books Canada at http://www.abcartbookscanada.com/RMcLaughlinG.html