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UC&P: I-IV - Up Close and Personal

The act of collecting is a universal behavior and in many ways the public art collection can be thought of as an institutionalization of the individual's collecting habits. A key difference being, that when a public institution like Gallery Lambton collects, the scope extends beyond the preferences, memories and interpretations of the individual to encompass the collective memory of a community, the influences of time and subsequently, the continuous change in a collections meaning. This challenges the way in which a public art gallery works with its permanent collection stimulating considerable debate among curators, artists, collectors and the general public by raising questions such as: Why collect? Who decides what to collect? What determines a collections value? Who is the collection for? How does the collection remain relevant? It is through the ongoing and collaborative investigation of these tough questions, that the relevance of the permanent collection remains. 

This small catalogue was prepared as a gift to the community in memory of our past as we prepare for and anticipate our future.

Available here for download.