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 Emerging Aboriginal Curator Residency 














Aborginal Curator Jason Baerg

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With the generous sponsorship of the RBC Emerging Artists Support Project, the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery is developed a program focused on the development of an emerging Aboriginal Artist & Curator.

Sarnia's Jason Baerg has been worked with the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery and the Aboriginal community from 2011 until 2014 to research, conceive and develop this project. Born in Sarnia and currently working in Toronto, Baerg is a Métis visual artist and emerging curator. Dedicated to community development, Baerg contributes to national arts organizations as a board member for the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective, The National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition and the Independent Media Arts Alliance.

 A primary objective of the project was to discover ways to unlock ideas, open up discussions, create dialogue and facilitate engagement with and between local and  contemporary Aboriginal Artists, Curators and the broader community through art. We are very excited to work with Jason and support his professional development both as an artist and a curator. Baerg will be working with JNAAG throughout 2013 and 2014, will be actively developing the relationships and ongoing outreach activities. While supporting the visiting artists through the Developing Dialogues Project, he tracked the project on an interactive blog, with the intention of spurring new, exciting and meaningful directions for all participants at all stages of the project.

Baerg's curatorial projects also culminated in an exhibition entitled: Eleven Times Eleven / Peyakosâpwâw which opening at the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery, on February 7, 2014.

Developing Dialogues Project

S Adrian Hide 1










Visiting interdisciplinary artist Adrian Stimson, a member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation in Southern Alberta, was in various communities throughout Lambton County engaging the community in his artistic practice as part of the Developing Dialogues project. The 15-day project began May 2 and was part of the gallery's Emerging Aboriginal Curatorial Program, sponsored by RBC.

The main objective of Developing Dialogues project was cultivating long term relationships through artistic practice between the three First Nations communities in Lambton County (Aamjiwnaang, Kettle-Stony Point and Walpole Island), Lambton College's Aboriginal Cultural and Learning Center, the broader Aboriginal artistic community, and the residents of Lambton County. 

The workshops were intergenerational and were available in all three First Nations communities as well as other locations throughout Lambton County including Lambton College, the JNAAG, the Lambton Heritage Museum near Grand Bend and the Sarnia-Lambton Native Friendship Centre. 

Visit the Developing Dialogues Project Blog for updated information on the workshops and Adrian's visit. 

Instant Places - Artist Residency

Laura and Ian

From January 8 - 18, the gallery hosted a ten day residency with artists Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse aka Instant Places. During their residency the artists made audiovisual 'snapshots' throughout the new building- gallery rooms, stairwells, boiler room, freight elevator, etc. activating multiple building surfaces with image and sound transformations. While at the gallery the duo celebrated the 100,000,050th Birthday of Art with an audiovisual performance that was broadcast live around the world! Visit Instant Places' blog http://instantplaces-canadawide.blogspot.ca/  to learn more about their residency at the gallery.

Instant Places create intermedia artworks on location using software instruments they design. In their work they focus on the moment of creation, combining improvised actions in performance with sound and image sequences generated in real time. They began Instant Places in 2003, a series of location-specific works which they have realized across Canada, Australia, Japan, the United States, and South America. A full project archive is available at www.instantplaces.ca


The Adad Hannah Project


Canadian contemporary artist Adad Hannah has visited Sarnia-Lambton on numerous occasions to prepare for his exhibition, The Diversions, meeting many members of the community and getting a feel for our great county. Over his first few visits he has explored the county, met prominent community members, presented talks on his work and practice, visited high-schools, model casting calls, work shopped with youth and so much more!

And what was all of this work for? Adad was here to produce a brand new work of art that will be featured as one of the opening exhibitions at the Judith and Norman ALIX Art Gallery entitled, The Diversions. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the project was made here in our own community, working directly with over 25 local youth between the ages of 5 and 17. The artist returned in June to work with local artists and volunteers to construct the props and scenery for the exhibit, with the footage being shot in September. This is a particularly exciting opportunity for our youth as they engage in the process of creating an artworkwith one of the most celebrated contemporary Canadian artists of our time.

Sensing Place: An Artist in Residency Project

Sensing pla ce










Sensing Place was a collaborative art-research project amongst artist Andreas Rutkauskas (Montreal), critical writer Lee Rodney (Windsor), curator Lisa Daniels (Gallery Lambton) and artists from the Sarnia Artist Run Collective for Art, Science and Music (S.A.R.C.A.S.M.) (Sarnia).

Working closely with the community throughout 2011, the project is helping to inform a new understandingof the historical, industrial, social and political landscapes in Lambton County from the perspective of the contemporary visual artist.

Sensing Place included a number of community based activities that have provided raw data to Rutkauska sover the course of the year. Members of the community were able tosign out GPS units from the gallery and staff have sent the tracks to the artist who manipulates the data; S.A. R.C.A.S.M coordinated a series of community bike rides, tours and interview sessions throughout the county; held a skype exchange with Rutkauskas, Rodney and the public on a First Friday, as well as a public talk; Rutkauskas conducted a RAAW summer workshop for local youth; and Rodney has developed a blog that helps to place a context around the project.

To find out more about the project visit the website http://lambtonbetweenthelines.tumblr.com/#/


Taboo 2008-2012


The TABOO moniker has been used before by the Judith & Norman ALIX Art Gallery. In previous years, the group has held investigations into the worlds of graffiti art, urban runners (parkour), hip-hop music and fashion, skateboarding, and much more. In other words, our TABOO programming takes a look at cultural movements and artistic approaches to asserting ones creativity into your community throughmeans that are often considered deviant or counter- cultural.

By placing these activities into a different context,we encourage viewers to reconsider the preconception that these activities are in fact taboo and openthe door to establish a new personal connection to these creative outlets. For Sarnia Artwalk 2012, TABOO tuned up and wired into the world of sound art with Taboo Tour 2012, investigating the connection beteen visual art and sound.


Up Close and Personal: I - IV

 Engage with Art

Up Close and Personal I - IV, a series of four installations of artwork from the permanent collection, was installed throughout the gallery between January 2010 and September 2011. These installations showcased 135 unique artworks from 94 different artists.

A wide variety of artistic production was on display, ranging from iconic pieces by members of the Group of Seven, Lowrie Warrener, and painters Eleven, to artists accross Lambton county including Larry Towell, Gary Nixon and Jane Hunter. The series of exhibitions offered an opportunity to reflect the rich history of our collection, our past as Gallery Lambton and our future as the Judith & Norman ALIX Art Gallery.