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Donate Art

Donating Art

The development of the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery's permanent collection relies heavily on the donation of art from private and corporate collectors. As a Category A public art gallery, for qualifying donations of art, we are able to apply for Certification under the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, which provides the donor with significant tax benefits.

The Review Board meets four times a year to certify cultural property for income tax purposes. Please consult their website for details:

We also accept donations of art that do not meet the CCPERB criteria and provide tax receipts for the current market value of accepted work.

The art works that the Gallery acquires for the Collection are a key influence in the achievement of our mandate and artistic vision. Currently the scope of collecting focuses on:

  • Works that are inspired by, influential to, or produced within the region
  • Contemporary work of provincial and national significance that resonates with our community
  • Work that supports the research and animation of pieces already in the collection
  • Work by contemporary Aboriginal artists that are relevant to the Aboriginal communities in Lambton County

Final acceptance or rejection of a work of art rests with County Council in compliance with the following principles:

  •  Potential acquisitions cannot be accepted until presented to County Council by the Curator/Supervisor, with his/her opinion on the attribution and the contribution the work makes to the collection
  • A work may not be accepted if:
    -   There is any question as to legal title
    -   It may have been removed illegally from its country of origin
    -   The ownership by the gallery would be objectionable to the people whose culture it represents or
    -   It is of such a nature that it cannot be properly cared for by the Gallery
Curatorial Considerations

**Please note it is the responsibility of the donor to absorb the cost of the appraisal of the artwork**

The Curator and the Acquisition Committee meet once annually to review all art donations at which time they will consider the merit of the work(s) and its relevance to the institutional mandate, current collection policy, and artistic vision. Should the work be deemed an appropriate fit for the collection the donor will be contacted and the acquisition process will commence. If the work is not deemed a proper fit contextually, the donor is contacted and the work is respectfully declined.

The donation procedure can be a lengthy process and can take up to a year from the proposal to the issuance of a tax receipt. Therefore it is advisable to consider any donations as early in the year as possible.

How to Donate

If you are interested in donating or bequeathing work(s) of art to the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery you can donate in one of the following ways:

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