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Making Methods

Making Methods

Making Methods: Becky Ip, Samantha Mogelonsky, Mark Stebbins 
June 6 to August 10, 2014

Circulated by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

The works in Making Methods focus on concepts of repetition, detail, and labour as a means of production. Stebbins, Mogelonsky, and Ip each produce rich, multi-faceted artworks steeped in themes of translation and absence, traditional craft practices, and a commitment to repetition and process.

While at first glance the artworks in this exhibition may not appear to have much in common, each artist’s deliberate engagement with material invites viewers to question the role of hand-rendered art in an increasingly digitized society where non-physical experiences are commonplace. Through the juxtaposition of these unique artistic processes, chance, memory, experimentation, and a wide range of references from popular cultural coalesce in inherently transformative and unpredictable ways.

Becky Ip offers a dream-like and very personal portrait of the artists’ family history through the warm tones and soft edges of film, nicely contrasted temporally and experientially with a significant paper cut sculpture.

Sam Mogelonsky’s sculptures are explorations of material and labour, adornment and excess. The accompanying photographs revel in a hallucinatory glint of otherworldly and biological similarity.

Mark Stebbins paintings are rooted in error – the digital glitch – and many other embedded references with multi-layered titles. Through a meticulous deployment of the pixel and playful caricatures of the gestural brush stroke, these paintings maintain a valuable repose to a quickened digitized lifestyle.

Explore process, materiality, translation and absence, and discover ‘something new’ for yourself in Making Methods.

Accompanying the exhibition is a 72- page catalogue, featuring colour photography and essays by curators Linda Jansma (Robert McLaughlin Gallery) and Darryn Doull (Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery). The catalogue is available for purchase from the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery, the Robert McLaughlin gallery bookstore as well as through ABC Art Books Canada

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