Lambton Loves Art!
The JNAAG’s First Crowd-sourced Exhibition
On display until September 14, 2014
Dr. J Telford Biehn Gallery

Be sure to view the exhibition before it closes this Sunday, September 14!

A permanent collection exhibition created by the community.

JNAAG’s first crowd sourced exhibition features works by Lawren Harris, York Wilson, Jack Shadbolt, Oscar Cahen and Tom Thomson…to name a few. Always looking for fun ways to engage the community, Lambton Loves Art provided the general public with the opportunity to choose which works from the permanent collection they wanted to see. Over a two month period, the public could choose from forty pieces grouped into four categories: landscape, portrait, abstraction and urban-scape.

The gallery currently houses a permanent collection of over 1200 works of art that tell the developing story of Canadian historical and contemporary art.