Paul Sorensen, master printer, has opened a new shop on Christina called Market Visuals. Cathy Dobson.

Paul Sorensen believes that even in the digital age, consumers want old-fashioned, personal service.

They’re tired of big box attitudes and don’t like to rely on the Internet for expertise.

That’s part of what’s behind his new Christina Street storefront where he offers one-on-one consultation on how best to present artwork and photographs.

Market Visuals opened a month ago at 190 North Christina, across from the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery.

Sorensen, 48, how been printing images for 30 years for different people and in other locations but wanted to “join the downtown movement.”

Downtown Sarnia is emerging as a creative hub, he said.

“I want to work with serious photographers and hobbyists, and this is a great place to do it.”

Raised in Corunna, Sorensen grew up in a world of photography. His father owned Grafiks, a local marketing agency, and Sorensen began to work in photography at the age of 16.

He turned his attention to culinary arts for a few years and worked in the Collingwood area, but ultimately returned to printing and photography in Sarnia.

“I witnessed this enormous switch from film to digital photography,” he said. “In the ‘80s and ‘90s, I was one of a handful of photographers in town. Now there’s a lot. So many hobbyists are taking amazing photos and I want to help them make art out of them.”

Market Visuals has the equipment to custom print archival material of every size.

“Customizing allows people to compose it the way they want to,” said Sorensen. “I’m different from my competitors because I provide consulting services and suggestions for the editing process.”

The studio walls at Market Visuals are covered with Sorensen’s photos, most taken during trips to Cuba where he has a fascination for landscapes and the people.

Over the past 18 months he has travelled to Cuba 10 times.

His new business offers a two-day workshop on photography and editing, then a 10-day photography trip to Cuba in October. That’s followed by more workshop time in the studio to print each customer’s best pieces.

Sorensen hopes his unique photographic Cuban workshops will take place at least twice a year.

He also plans to offer two-day workshops on camera operation, Photoshop and other topics beginning this fall.

Starting in early August, the front windows at Market Visuals will feature the work of a local artist or photographer that has been printed and made ready for display by Sorensen. The window displays will change up every month, he said.

For details and prices related to all services offered at Market Visuals, visit or call 519-336-9276.

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