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Teachers & Educators

JNAAG on Learning

What can art show students about the world?
Discover the answers with the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery

Expand your classroom through our guided tours, outreach programs and art workshops.  From cross-curricular lessons to Teacher Guides, the Gallery has comprehensive, educational programs for students of all ages.

The Gallery provides creative learning opportunities for students and educators that inspire curiosity, foster critical thinking, and develop environments that are rigorous, inclusive and collaborative.

Group Tour & Activity Program

The Gallery offers a wide range of programs designed to engage students of all ages (kindergarten through grade 12) in deep looking, critical thinking, and creative art-making. These inspiring adaptable programs build direct connections between works of art, classroom curriculum, and students' own thoughts and experiences.

The Gallery's school tours are image-focused and inquiry-based experiences. Led by trained docents, they encourage students to look closely, communicate personal perspectives, and build connections to their own lives. Art workshops (hands-on studio activity) are also available with school tours. The workshops give students the opportunity to get creative, offer insight into the working process and work in our art studio alongside professional Art Studio Artists.


Participating in an activity at the gallery is more than just a fun art-based lesson. The activity connects to other areas of curriculum and promotes learning in a way that is enjoyed by both kids and adults. The hands-on interaction engages tactile and bodily-kinesthetic learning styles and provides learning for active children. Further, the program is specifically designed to complement the tour, allowing participants to put into practice the concepts or techniques they see in the exhibitions.

Self-Guided Visits

Self-guided visits for educators who wish to customize their museum experience by leading their own tour through the Gallery. All self-guided visit groups must register with the Gallery in advance.

Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major

The Gallery is proud to partner with select High Schools to support the Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major program. The program offers students the opportunity to receive specialized industry training and certification, as well as special recognition on their high school diploma.


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